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Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment (FCCA) Consulting  

Shanghai Tranwin Management Consulting Co., Ltd. has glorious history of assisting around one thousand factories to pass factory audits and certifications.

FCCA audit is firstly as assessment tool for Wal-Mart to qualify its factories, at the same time, is also as improvement tool to help you step up your performance. The gap between your factory performance and the Wal-Mart requirement will be identified through the audit findings which will be disclosed in the closing meeting at the end day of audit. Your factory could improve towards Wal-Mart expectation by rectifying along with those findings.

The components of the FCCA focus on:

-Production capacity
-Production capability   
-Factory facilities and environment
-Quality System
    -Quality management system
    -Incoming material control
    -Process and production control
    -In-House Lab-testing
    -Final inspection
    -People resources and training

Please note:

Wal-mart is not the only one, who requires such kind quality related audit. More and more such kind of Wal-mart like companies and supermarkets make the audit as the precondition of business cooperation.

So if you and your factories are in this trouble, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.


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